Semi-solid Magnesium Alloy Injection Thixomolding Machine


main features

  • semi-solid thixotropic molding principle
  • the material transmitted by screw is heated and cut at the same time
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Details Semi-solid Thixomolding

To optimize the product line, Yizumi research and develop China's first semi-solid magnesium alloy injection molding machine. Magnesium alloy injection molding machine adopts a semi-solid thixotropic molding principle. Since the material transmitted by screw is heated and cut at the same time, the material which arrives at the front end for molding is not a fully melted liquid alloy, but semi-solid magnesium alloy, a fluid containing solid.

Specifications Semi-solid Thixomolding

Parameter Unit UN250MG UN650MG
Locking Force kN 2500 6500
Platen Size(HXV) mm 870x870 1280x1280
Space Between Tie Bars mm 570x570 850x850
Injection Stroke mm 150 250
Casting Flange Protrusion mm 150 300
Ejector Force kN 110 150
Oil Tank Capacity L 600 850
Shot Weight kg(Zn) 441 1995

Accessories Semi-solid Thixomolding

Five-point-linkage type Auto Ladle
Vertical type auto sprayer
Four-point-linkage type auto sprayer
Mold temperature controller
Auto extractor
Hydraulic Trimming machine