HM-M Series Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine


main features

  • user-friendly, fast and precise Siemes PLC system
  • electrical proportional control of system pressure and flow
  • tie bars made of high-strength alloy steel and plated with hard chrome
  • automatic central lubrication system with the function of safety check
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Details Magnesium Series

Based on professional technology of European and American magnesium alloy die casting machines, this machine has outstanding die casting capacity and becomes the first choice for manufactoring ultra-thin wall magnesium alloy die cast parts.

Specifications Magnesium Series

Parameter Unit HM160M HM200M HM280M HM400M
Ejecting Stroke mm 85 100 100 120
Die Height(Min.-Max.) mm 205-505 250-550 250-650 300-750
Platen Size(HXV) mm 672x667 740x740 860x860 1000x1000
Tie Bar Diameter mm 80 90 110 130
Motor Capacity kW 15 15 18.5 22
Locking Force kN 1600 2000 2800 4000
Oil Tank Capacity L 300 400 500 800
Ejector Force kN 108 108 158 180

Accessories Magnesium Series

Five-point-linkage type Auto Ladle
Vertical type auto sprayer
Four-point-linkage type auto sprayer
Mold temperature controller
Auto extractor
Hydraulic Trimming machine