With our complete solutions and services portfolio, with leading innovations such as the new Siemens HMI (Human Machine Interface) and monitoring system, the Yizumi® die casting line with integrated peripherals as well as an optional integrated loading-unloading automation, is demonstrating Yizumi®’s commitment to maximum production efficiency and parts quality as well as easy automation. We offer die casting manufacturers maximum productivity and quality and at the same time, we continue to lead the market with latest technologies and process solutions – putting a special emphasis on easy automation. We are fully prepared to lead the die casting industry through the next growth cycle!

With advanced design and leading technology, Yizumi®’s HM Series hot chamber die casting machine has the advantages of high efficiency and stable operation. Piston driven accumulator, electric proportional control of the system pressure and flow, and high shot speed enable the HM Series to be suitable for producing all types of high-quality castings.

The purpose of intensification in hot chamber die casting is to reduce "gas and shrinkage porosity" to its minimum level. Intensification does not eliminate porosity; it merely compresses it to an acceptable level. Of course, the medium is only as good as the artist and tools using it, and with the optimized manufacturing tools from Yizumi®, driven by industry-leading design and engineering prowess, Yizumi® die casting machines continues to demonstrate that they are - indeed - masters of die casting.

Magnesium alloy is increasingly being selected for automotive and non-automotive applications to replace aluminum, zinc, steel and plastics as manufacturers strive to reduce component weight and production costs. High purity magnesium alloy used in high pressure, hot chamber die casting machines is cast net shape, flash-free, eliminating the need for post-secondary machining. Magnesium is 75% lighter than steel, 33% lighter than aluminum and 73% the weight of zinc, yet it exhibits the highest strength-to-weight ratio of all structural metals.

The Highlights of our hot camber die casting machine:

  • Yizumi®: the biggest die casting machine maker in the world
  • More than 60.000 yizumi® machines in use worldwide
  • 450 die casting machines produced per month
  • 2 years parts warranty, 3 years platen warranty
  • Lowest Total cost of investment on the market
  • Designed for a long life with options available to meet your specific needs
  • Yizumi® uses the best brands of components : Siemens, Rexroth, Moog, Omron
  • Fast delivery times (30-75 days) for all standard models and Turn-key cells on request
  • Fastest growing company in the market: minimum annual growth of 30% per year since 2002

Your Benefits:

  • High Return on Investment and short payback period due to optimized scope
  • Reduced service requirements and spare parts costs due to advanced designs
  • High production efficiency by applying proven and reliable technology
  • Best price in the market : Affordable investments
  • Maximized availability thanks to ease of use
  • Strong local service support