SAN TEH RAI LTD ( - the first and only Ukrainian producer of aluminum and bimetal radiators. The company provides a full cycle of production for aluminum and bimetal radiators if its own brands TM Mirado, Diva, Elegance, Rens, Ekvator, Summero. Production areas of the plant are equipped with high-tech equipment and highly automated working lines. The Company is equipped with 8 horizontal type injection molding machines with 800 tons power locking and 3 machines with 1000 tons locking. All auxiliary operations (such as lubrication, filling, etc) are made automatically. Modern Foundry equipment can produce high-quality aluminum parts, weighing between 0.1 kg and 10 kg and dimensions up to 1000 mm in length.

On each stage of production, technical standards are strictly complied with and quality control is carried out thoroughly; that will ensure the release of reliable radiators with high consumer characteristics. At the same time, San The Rai company pays maximum attention to the environment and labor safety and health

YIZUMI is the perfect solution to the high quality requirements of the SAN THE RAI LTD. radiator production and high productivity demand, in order to keep the company competitivness on the market.