Six turnkey fully automated die casting cells, customized production concepts, and extensive on-site support. These are the elements with which Yizumi® enables today the European electric motor manufacturer Electroprecizia SA, (www.electroprecizia.ro) to produce its own aluminum motors to the latest technology standards and to subcontract lightweight aluminium, and magnesium parts in the automotive market.


Being the biggest producer in East Europe for electrical motors for decades and OEM supplying to major international motor makers like ABB and others, Electroprecizia SA has to hold its own on the highly competitive market in both West and East Europe and has forced Electroprecizia SA to make a major production improvement investment of several million euro, This to stay ahead of the competition.

In order to be able to compete in terms of quality, reliability and pricing, EPS depends on highly reliable and high-quality production facilities while maintaining an attractive cost-benefit ratio. This is where Yizumi® entered and realized flow less the full new production capacity for Electroprecizia SA.

yizumi dm400h

For this prestigious and High Tech Production plant, Electroprecizia SA relies again on Yizumi® machines and technology. To realize this challenging project, EPS and Yizumi® seleted the most recently developed Yizumi® Cold chamber DM-H line Die casting machines, specific developed for the High demanding European market, in combination with the latest 7 axis KUKA® Robots. Alfa Metal Machinery Group®, local agent of Yizumi® and KUKA®, has lead this challenge to a good end.