The famous Romanian company, founded in 2000, is a leader of plastic product industry with 16 years of experience in manufacturing household plastic products. The main products of our client include basins, fruit trays, shoe racks, tubs, etc.

yizumi company

Since 2009 , the company expanded with new products due to increased demand for plastic products from romanian consumers . Expanding the production line required investments in acquiring of new machines. Currently, our client is producing over 30 million items per year in the enclosed, 14 000 square meters factory, with a numerous staff. The diverse products manufactured with more than 26 YIZUMI machines is a recognition of superior quality. The company quickly became a symbol of industry in Romania and now their products are sold in foreign markets also.

yizumi company

Solutions from Yizumi

In 2009, our client started to work with Yizumi and purchased closed-loop variable-pump energy-saving series injection molding machines from Yizumi. In 2014 they purchased 12 sets of SM2 high-performance servo energy-saving series injection molding machines. Yizumi reconfigured the equipment/machines according to technical requirements of the customer and the factory consumption reduced from 1600kW to 1200kW obtaining substantial savings on resources. In contrast, our competitor's machines have a high consumption of over 1800kW, forcing entrepreneurs to high production costs. Now there are 26 units of Yizumi injection molding machines operating in the factory, with clamping force ranging from 160T to 800T.

"Compared with other injection molding machine manufacturers, Yizumi had attached great importance to the voice of customer, reacted quickly in the process of communication and provided excellent after-sales services. We will cooperate with Yizumi in the future! "

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